I am nomad like to travel; so far I had travelled in 12 countries that include 22cites among them 5 are in India. I was born in Hyderabad, which is one of the big cities in India. Even though I born in a big city I like real nature which is still alive outside the city. I try to experiment with my camera by exploring hills, lochs, historical places. At present I live Edinburgh which is one of the wonderful cities in the world; City is filled with old buildings make you feel outside the modern world.
I started writing blog a year ago as a fun, but after reading blogs in the Internet and inspired by some people, I thought I could combine my hobbies (photography, travel and blogging) to make people interest about the place and give information. I think photos combined with small text can stand better and creates interest about place rather than text alone.
I started developing 3blogs one is about Indian history. Another blog is about my travel that could be helpful for others. Third one is viewing the world with my camera eye.   
As India is huge with multi-cultured history, that made it full of historical places and it also filled with natural beauty like himalayas. It is difficult for any individual to collect pics of all the places in there life time. I had decided to make this combined work. In this "historiesindia" blog I collect pics from my friends and their friends and other persons who gave permission to put there pics in to this blog. Every photo in this blog is credited with the photographer name. I hope you like the pics viewed by these amazing photographers eye.